When something comes up at work, we get to work.

KOKO offers security, support and confidence in the future to highly educated professionals. Make a smart move and cover your back in working life.

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Increase in the standard entitlement of unemployment security will continue until the end of November

The Parliament has approved a legislative amendment that will continue the standard entitlement of unemployment security until the end of November 2021. The easing of the terms of the mobility assistance will also continue.


The KOKO website has been improved

During the summer 2021, the KOKO website has been improved to better serve users. The website has corrected accessibility deficiencies and clarified the structure of the site to make it more functional for users, to give you a few examples.


Get in touch with the KOKO fund easily

Are you facing unemployment or a temporary lay-off? Our job at KOKO is to help. If you have any questions, our unemployment security experts are one phone call or Teams meeting away. Applying for earnings-related unemployment allowance is easy in our eAsiointi online service.


Annual holidays, holiday bonuses and other current daily allowance for applicants

As summer is approaching, we get a lot of questions about the impact of annual holidays and holiday bonuses on the payment of earnings-related daily allowance, for example. In this article, we have collected current instructions for the unemployed and laid-off.


KOKO is now serving you virtually

KOKO has now introduced virtual customer service appointments that are carried out on a remote connection using Teams. Please read the instructions for the remote appointment.


Student, remember the unemployment fund membership when starting your summer job

As a student, you can join the unemployment fund if you are in paid employment. When you are a member of the fund, you accumulate earnings-related unemployment security for yourself during your studies.


Work carried out in the UK continues to be acknowledged when claiming unemployment allowance

The UK has entered into a partnership agreement with the EU, which will remain in force for the next 15 years. With this partnership agreement, work carried out in the UK may be acknowledged when claiming for earnings-related unemployment allowance benefit in Finland.


Are you looking to switch from another unemployment fund to KOKO?

Read the instructions on how and when to switch.

This is how it goes.

Without highly educated people, there would not be any development. Nothing would change and Finnish society would come to a halt. That is why the highly educated need a supportive fund to guard their interests at all times.

Are you turning the wheels of development? Join KOKO! Together with the unions, we work every day to provide you with better possibilities to take yourself and Finland further.

This is how we support our members:

  • For example, if you lose your job, we will pay you earnings-related allowance. You can estimate the amount of your allowance with our calculator.

  • Together with the unions, we help secure the position of the highly educated in the labour market.

  • We serve our customers swiftly and professionally in various situations.

A trade union adds security.

Belonging to a union gives you more security. Trade unions usually offer legal services, courses to support employment, coaching events, advice and numerous other member benefits. The unemployment fund of the trade unions shown below is KOKO. Find your own union and join us.

  • Akavan Yleinen Ryhmä, logo.
  • Ingenjörerna i Finland DIFF ry, logo.
  • Ornamo, logo.
  • Rakennusinsinöörit ja -arkkitehdit RIA, logo.
  • Professionals of Business and Technology TRAL ry, logo.
  • Tekniska Föreningen i Finland, logo.
  • Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL, logo.
  • The Finnish Pharmacists' Society, logo.
  • Suomen Optometrian Ammattilaiset ry, logo.
  • The Finnish Business School Graduates, logo.
  • Finnish Association of Architects, SAFA, logo.
  • Insinööriliitto IL ry, logo.
  • Tekniikan akateemiset TEK ry:n kotisivuille.
  • Yksityisalojen Esimiehet ja Asiantuntijat YTY, logo.

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