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The payment status 31.3.2023

We are currently processing applications received on the days below. Applications submitted before this are already being processed.

First-time applications, received on 24.3.2023
Follow-up applications, received on 30.3.2023
Follow-up applications for adjusted allowance, received on 30.3.2023

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ETTK Unemployment Fund to be merged with KOKO starting from 2024

The Unemployment Fund for Special Service and Clerical Employees (ETTK) will merge with KOKO on 1.1.2024. After the merger, KOKO will have approximately 270,000 members. KOKO strengthens its position as the second largest unemployment fund in Finland.


KOKO’s research: A combined insurance that improves unemployment security has broad popular support

A survey commissioned by KOKO at Kantar Public found that nearly two out of three Finns support the introduction of a combined insurance. It would enable the accumulation of unemployment security for work performed simultaneously as an employee and as an entrepreneur.


Entitlement to earnings-related allowance during a strike

If your work has been prevented due to a strike by other employees, your right to earnings-related unemployment allowance during the strike depends on whether the strike is dependent on your terms of employment or working conditions. If you are on strike yourself (also applies to a solidarity strike), you...


Employment situation of KOKO members continued to improve in 2022, with a slight increase in the number of benefit recipients towards the end of the year

A total of 91 589 earnings-related unemployment allowance applications were received by the fund during the year, which is 44 453 fewer than in 2021. In 2022, the unemployment rate among KOKO members was 2.7% on average.


Adjustment of copyright royalties to end

By Government decree as of 1 January 2023, copyright royalties no longer affect the amount of unemployment benefit.


Current issues concerning tax cards

The unemployment funds get the information on the new salary tax cards (valid from 1.2.) directly from the tax administration. However, we recommend you to get a revised tax card for benefits.


Studying while receiving unemployment benefit is now easier

A change in legislation coming into force on 1 January 2023 allows unemployed jobseekers to undertake various part-time studies without losing their unemployment benefit.


New year brings changes to adjusted daily allowances

A number of changes are being introduced to adjusted daily allowances as of the start of the new year. Some relate to the temporary measures that have been in place since 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and that are now being made permanent. The new rules apply to...

This is how it goes.

Without highly educated people, there would not be any development. Nothing would change and Finnish society would come to a halt. That is why the highly educated need a supportive fund to guard their interests at all times.

Are you turning the wheels of development? Join KOKO! Together with the unions, we work every day to provide you with better possibilities to take yourself and Finland further.

This is how we support our members:

  • For example, if you lose your job, we will pay you earnings-related allowance. You can estimate the amount of your allowance with our calculator.

  • Together with the unions, we help secure the position of the highly educated in the labour market.

  • We serve our customers swiftly and professionally in various situations.

A trade union adds security.

Belonging to a union gives you more security. Trade unions usually offer legal services, courses to support employment, coaching events, advice and numerous other member benefits. The unemployment fund of the trade unions shown below is KOKO. Find your own union and join us.

  • Akavan Yleinen Ryhmä, logo.
  • Ingenjörerna i Finland DIFF ry, logo.
  • Insinööriliitto IL ry, logo.
  • Rakennusinsinöörit ja -arkkitehdit RIA, logo.
  • Finnish Association of Architects, SAFA, logo.
  • Suomen Optometrian Ammattilaiset ry, logo.
  • The Finnish Pharmacists' Society, logo.
  • Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL, logo.
  • TEKin logo
  • Professionals of Business and Technology TRAL ry, logo.
  • Yksityisalojen Esimiehet ja Asiantuntijat YTY, logo.

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