I submitted a daily allowance application a moment ago. When will the daily allowance be paid into my account?

Daily allowance applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Your daily allowance can be paid out once we have received all the information we need to process the application. The KOKO fund pays out daily allowances every weekday. Once we have made a payment, it will be in your account 1-2 banking days later.

First applications are always processed by an official, and the processing time depends on the backlog of applications at any given time and on whether you have included all the attachments required. A continuing application may be processed as an automatic payment, in which case it will only take two banking days from submitting the application to receiving payment in your account. However, you should always prepare for the eventuality that your application will be queued and take 1–2 weeks to process, even if you have had earlier applications processed as automatic payments.

You can check your status under application status on the front page.