Membership fee in 2018 is 87 euros

IAET-kassa’s membership fee is 87 euros in 2018. The fee is 18 euros lower than the year before.

Membership of IAET-kassa is paid annually, as confirmed by the Insurance Supervisory Authority.

You can change IAET-kassa’s paper invoice to electronic e-invoice that you receive directly to your online bank. You can make the e-invoice agreement in your own bank. Select IAET-kassa as the invoicer and mark your social security number as identification information. Contact your own bank for more information on e-billing.

Those insured via unions receive a membership fee update from their respective union.

IAET-kassa will send the invoices according to the schedule below:
* e-invoices on 9.1.2018
* paper invoices on 18.1. and on 30.1.2018