I am signing a short-term contract of a full-time job. Will the amount of my daily allowance be re-calculated afterwards?

The amount of the daily allowance is not re-calculated based on an employment relationship shorter than 26 weeks. Every calendar week that meets the criteria of the employment condition accumulates your employment condition, however. Each such week will be added to your working registry by KOKO fund. If you have some working weeks that have accumulated earlier, your employment condition might be fulfilled. Your employment condition is re-fulfilled once you have accumulated a total of at least 26 calendar weeks with at least 18 working hours per week.

Once your employment condition has been fulfilled again:

– the amount of your daily allowance is re-calculated
– a new waiting period is set
– the maximum payment period is reset.

The amount of the daily allowance is not re-calculated, if the new maximum period of your daily allowance begins within a year from when it last began, and the amount was then calculated. A new waiting period is also not set if the last waiting period was set within a year. The maximum payment period of the earnings-related allowance is anyway always reset once the employment condition is fulfilled.