Would it be worthwhile for me to accept a part-time job?

Unemployment fund does not perform profitability calculations or estimate whether one situation is more advantageous than another. If you are a member of an union, your union may provide you with advice on how to evaluate your options.

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I started a part-time job when I was unemployed but do not want to continue in it because the working hours are unsuitable for my current situation. Will this affect my daily allowance?

When you terminate an employment relationship, you must notify the TE Office, which will issue a statement binding upon KOKO as to whether you are entitled to daily allowance after termination. If you terminate your employment relationship yourself, a suspension period may be set.


How do the working hours in a part-time job affect my daily allowance?

When working part-time, your actual working hours will be taken into account for the adjustment period during which the wages for them are paid. The adjustment period is equal to either one month or 4 weeks. Your work is considered part-time work if your working hours are up to...


How does part-time pay affect my daily allowance?

Generally, all income that is considered earned income for taxation purposes is taken into account when adjusting your daily allowance. Income is usually adjusted on the basis of the payment period of the pay.

The amount of adjusted daily allowance is calculated separately for each adjustment period according to your...


I am starting a part-time job. Do I need to notify you of this job, and can I continue receiving a daily allowance while in part-time employment?

You can work part-time while continuing to receive a daily allowance. The daily allowance will in this case be adjusted, i.e. your wages will be taken into account in the amount of daily allowance paid.

Notify the TE Office of starting a part-time job,