I will get a tax refund. Will it affect my daily allowance?

A personal tax refund does not affect the daily allowance.


When will my employment condition be met and my daily allowance maximum period reset? I have received daily allowance for the maximum period and am now employed again.

Payment of daily allowance may be resumed after you have accrued 26 calendar weeks of employment meeting the employment condition. However, weeks used for a previous calculation of the employment condition cannot be included in the calculation of meeting a new employment condition;


How many payment days do I have left?

The number of days on which you have been paid a daily allowance and your maximum period are shown on your allowance payment notification and under ‘accruals (kertymät)’ in the eService status reports.


I am temporarily laid off, and my employer is paying me holiday pay. How does this affect my daily allowance?

If you are paid holiday pay based on full-time wages, you are not entitled to a daily allowance for the holiday days. If, on the other hand, you are paid holiday pay based on part-time wages, you are entitled to an adjusted daily allowance for the holiday days. 


How does child home care allowance affect my daily allowance? Can I receive an earnings-related daily allowance and a child home care allowance simultaneously?

If you are paid a child home care allowance, this will be deducted from your earnings-related daily allowance. If your spouse is in part-time employment, is studying, or is an entrepreneur, any child home care allowance paid to him/her will be deducted from your daily allowance.


Why have I not been paid a daily allowance as of the first day of unemployment?

Payment of earnings-related daily allowance is preceded by a waiting period. The waiting period is a period corresponding to 5 full working days during which you would normally be paid daily allowance.

Payment of daily unemployment allowance is also prevented by a suspension period,


When my employment relationship terminated, I was paid a holiday bonus, holiday compensation, and a support package. How do these affect my daily allowance?

Any financial compensation received from the employer upon the termination of employment (such as a ‘golden handshake’, support package, or severance pay) will disqualify you from earnings-related daily allowance for the term over which such compensation is periodised on the basis of the wages you received in your...


Why is the wage used to calculate my daily allowance smaller than the actual wage I was paid when employed?

The monthly wage that forms the basis of earnings-related daily allowance is not the same as your monthly salary, since the employee’s pension contribution (TyEL) (4.29% in 2022) is deducted from the wages for the purposes of calculating the allowance.


If I become unemployed, how much daily allowance will I get?

The amount of your daily allowance will be calculated on the basis of the wage information that you submit to KOKO attached to your first daily allowance application. We do not make advance calculations to estimate the amount of your daily allowance;


I submitted a daily allowance application a moment ago. When will the daily allowance be paid into my account?

Daily allowance applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Your daily allowance can be paid out once we have received all the information we need to process the application. The KOKO fund pays out daily allowances every weekday.