Do I need to submit a pay certificate or my salary information to the fund?

We will retrieve your salary information from the Incomes Register. The information in the Incomes Register is not always sufficient, however. In such cases, we will ask you for more details or a pay certificate issued by your employer in order to process your application.


Do I need to submit my tax card to KOKO?

Earnings-related allowance is taxable income. We can use either your salary tax card or a revised tax card for a benefit, obtained separately by you.

As an allowance recipient, we recommend that you apply for a revised tax card for a benefit for the taxation of your earnings-related allowance.


My fixed-term employment relationship expired. Do I need to submit a notice of termination to you?

Fixed-term employment relationships, by definition, expire on a date that is already known at the start of employment. Therefore no separate notice of termination is given, and you do not have to submit such a notice to KOKO.


Why do you need my employment contract, why is an employment certificate not enough?

The KOKO unemployment fund needs to see your employment contract to verify the terms and conditions of your employment. The original intended duration of employment, the working hours and the notice period observed are among the things that we check in the employment contract.


Do I need to send the original documents as attachments to you with the daily allowance application?

Attachments do not have to be originals; copies are fine.


What information should I append to my earnings-related daily allowance application?

See under Earnings-related allowance application attachments to see what you need to send us so that your application will be processed. When you submit your application through eService, you will be given a list of the attachments required,