Information on processing applications in KOKO

Applications for earnings-related allowance are usually handled in arriving order. The average handling time is about 1-2 weeks from the arrival date. You can see the current handling time on the front page.

It is always good to prepare on the handling time of 1-2 weeks even if your previous applications were handled in few days. Turn of the month, attachments in the application, working during the application period, new statement from TE office or a new decision on the amount of the allowance may effect on the time the application is handled. If there is need for additional information during the handling process the handler of your application will contact you.

KOKO receives most of the applications at the beginning of the month, when the handling time is also the longest. If it’s not necessary for you to apply allowance in periods of a calendar month due to adjusted allowance, you can choose to apply allowance in periods of a month or 4 calendar weeks.